Puthiya Mandyat Gopinath

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Studies were carried out in a group of 20 young male subjects to investigate the changes in chemoreceptor sensitivity during acclimatization to altitude. Their hypoxic sensitivity and carbon dioxide sensitivity were studied at Delhi, during acclimatization at 3500 m, and on return to sea level. Similar studies were also done in a group of 10 acclimatized(More)
In the present study, the seeds of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) var. Mattu Gulla were irradiated with single exposure of He-Ne laser at different doses of 5-40 J cm(-2) and germinated aseptically. Thirty day old seedlings were harvested and the germination, growth, physiological and biochemical parameters were estimated and compared with un-irradiated(More)
Marathon running is the most gruelling athletic event in international sport. Success of well trained athlete largely depends upon his perfect coordination of movements in relation to speed and optimum physiological adjustments. In order to identify the physiological factors which play crucial contributory role in successful marathon runners an evaluation(More)