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Association rule mining is one of the most important techniques in data mining. It extracts significant patterns from transaction databases and generates rules used in many decision support applications. Many organizations such as industrial, commercial, or even scientific sites may produce large amount of transactions and attributes. Mining effective rules(More)
In this paper, the challenge of scheduling a parallel application on a cloud environment to achieve both time and energy efficiency is addressed. Two energy-aware task scheduling algorithms called the EHEFT and the ECPOP are proposed to address the challenge. These algorithms have the objective of trying to sustain the makespan and energy consumption at the(More)
The multicast operation used by MPI under Grid environment can have a substantial impact on performance of parallel applications. Since the finding of an optimal multicast operation is an NP-hard problem, a near-optimal heuristic is crucial for building an efficient MPI runtime. This paper presents a new multicast algorithm called Longest Parallel Branch(More)
The task of trading orders matching in financial markets is a very challenging task since due to the speed of arriving request. In this paper, the GPUs technology and CUDA programming is explored as a potential technology to accelerate this task. The trading method in Automatic Order Matching (AOM) of Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is used as a case(More)
SUMMARY Many production Grid and e-Science infrastructures have begun to offer services to end-users during the past several years with an increasing number of scientific applications that require access to a wide variety of resources and services in multiple Grids. Therefore, the Grid Interoperation Now—Community Group of the Open Grid Forum—organizes and(More)
The virtual screening approach for docking small molecules into a known protein structure is a powerful tool for drug design. In this work, a combined docking and neural network approach, using a self-organizing map, has been developed and applied to screen anti-HIV-1 inhibitors for two targets, HIV-1 RT and HIV-1 PR, from active compounds available in the(More)
One of the problems with the wide adoption of clusters for mainstream high performance computing is the difficulty in building and managing the system. There are many efforts in solving this problem by building fu lly automated, integrated software distribution from several open source software. However, these sets of software come from many sources and(More)
This practices and experience paper describes the coordination, design, implementation, availability, and performance of the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) grid testbed. Applications in high-energy physics, genome annotation, quantum computational chemistry, wildfire simulation, and protein sequence alignment have driven the(More)