Pushpendra Kumar Chandra

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Optical burst switching (OBS) is the promising area it can meet the bandwidth requirement of bandwidth intensive application. OBS is switching technique for the next generation optical networks. However, there are certain issues such as burst aggregation, scheduling, contention resolution and QoS that needs to be addressed in OBS. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper we have proposed an algorithm for a wide variety of workload conditions including I/O intensive and memory intensive loads. However, in our task the CPU requirements of the system is minimum as the tasks which come are mostly video fetch tasks which require negligible system interaction but a lot of I/O consumption. The goal of the proposed(More)
The goal of load balancing is to assigns to each node a number of tasks proportional to its performance. Many load balancers have been proposed that deal with applications with homogeneous tasks but applications with heterogeneous tasks have proven to be far more complex to handle. In this paper we present a load balancing techniques that can deal with(More)
Load balancing techniques play a very important role in developing high-performance cluster computing platforms. Many load balancing polices achieve high system performance by increasing the utilization of CPU, memory, or a combination of CPU and memory. However, these load-balancing policies are less effective when the workload comprises of a large number(More)
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