Pushpendar Kumar

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The present investigation was targeted on anaerobic digestion of Chroococcus sp. and utilization of resultant "Liquid Digestate" for its further biomass production. The algal biomass has biomethane potential of 317.31 ± 1.9 mL CH4 g(-1) VSfed. Regular process monitoring revealed that process was stable throughout the experiments. The "Liquid Digestate" was(More)
Recently, fungal pelletization-assisted microalgal harvesting has emerged as new research area for minimizing the harvesting cost and energy inputs in the algae-to-biofuel approach. The present study attempted to optimize this process in terms of substrate inputs, process time and pH conditions through selection of a robust fungal strain. A total of eight(More)
A modified algal biofilm reactor (ABR) was developed and assessed for high biomass productivity and treatment potential using variable strength wastewaters with accumulation of specialized bio-products. The nonwoven spun bond fabric (70GSM) was selected as suitable biofilm support on the basis of attachment efficiency, durability and ease of harvesting. The(More)
The aqueous leaf extract of Jatropha curcas was used for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (Jc-AgNps) which were further evaluated for its antibacterial potential against food borne pathogens. J. curcas leaf extract could synthesize stable silver nanoparticles (Zeta potential: -23.4 mV) with absorption band at 430 nm. Fourier transform infrared(More)
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