Pushpapraj Singh

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Monitoring blood flow rate inside prosthetic vascular grafts enables an early detection of the graft degradation, followed by the timely intervention and prevention of the graft failure. This paper presents an inductively powered implantable blood flow sensor microsystem with bidirectional telemetry. The microsystem integrates silicon nanowire (SiNW)(More)
An all metal based electrostatic nanoelectromechanical switch has been fabricated using a one mask process. High temperature cycling behavior is demonstrated in a vacuum chamber at 300 °C for more than 28 hours. The compelling results indicate that the design is promising for the realization of rugged electronics with three-dimensional integration.
We proposed a NEMS-based anchorless memory structure with two stable mechanical states (Up and Down) for retaining data even at high operating temperate (>200C) [5]. Compared to the conventional anchored devices, the anchorless structure offers better scalability and can operate at lower supply voltage, which is more desirable for integration with CMOS(More)
This paper proposes a cantilever-based memory structure for storing binary data at extreme operating temperature (up to 300 °C) in rugged electronics. The memory bit (0/1) is formed by opening/closing of an electrostatic switch. Permanent retention is obtained by adhesive force between two smooth surfaces in contact, eliminating leakage observed in all(More)
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