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Lissencephaly is a malformation of the brain in which the brain surface is smooth, rather than convoluted. Among the various causes of lissencephaly, infection by a virus during pregnancy plays an important role. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is an important pathogen causing this anomaly. We present this case of a young female with 24-week-gestation diagnosed on(More)
Bariatric surgery is a promising treatment and called for morbid obesity refractory to medical treatment. Obese women of reproductive age group are at risk for obstetric complications. A 29 years old premigravida of 37 weeks gestation having developed gestational diabetes mellitus at 20 weeks and pregnancy induced hypertension at 36 weeks who had undergone(More)
The paper proposes a new color image encryption arithmetic. Firstly, the paper introduces separation of R,G,B components of a color image. Then a new two-dimensional map is presented. A square image is divided into two isosceles triangles according diagonal. Each pixel in a column is inserted to the adjacent column which utilizes the difference of the(More)
MEMS based Drug Delivery System (DDS) using an in-plane micropump enables us to make a compact, inexpensive system. This paper presents the new design of transdermal drug delivery system. A conceptual DDS design is proposed. This design consists of a unit which houses the micropump, electronic and power circuitry. This implantable unit is connected to a(More)
Aim of the study: To evaluate and compare the anticonvulsant property of nimodipine and ketamine combination with a standard drug like Sodium valproate in electrically and chemically induced seizures in mice. Methods: The maximal seizure pattern was induced in mice by giving an alternating current of 50 mA for 0.2 sec, 50 Hz and 220 volts (maximal(More)
In this era of fast growing technologies more attention needs to be paid for Security of multimedia data transferred over internet .Now a day’s every one depends on the internet for data, so confidential data needs protection from third party. This can be achieved by using Cryptography, Compression and Steganography, all three together. These methods(More)
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