Pushpal Mukhopadhyay

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An analysis of controlled ventilation, based on a linear, 1st-order model of the respiratory system has been performed. Different pressure waveforms are used as the driving source for the model of the ventilator. The respiratory system is represented by an electrical-circuit analogue with parameters that are representative of an adult patient. Optimal(More)
Small area estimators commonly borrow strength from other related areas. These indirect estimators use models (explicit or implicit) that relate the small areas through supplementary data. Various unit-level and area-level small area models are proposed in the literature, but all these models assume the small area mean is linearly related with supplementary(More)
In the past, designing probability samples for biological field studies has been limited by the difficulty of locating random points in the field. The ability to receive precise GPS signals in many field settings has largely removed this constraint. We have been investigating statistical and computer-based technologies that enable field data collectors to(More)
Diesel is one of the fuels used in automobiles. But diesel is often adulterated with Kerosene which harms the engine and reduces the life of automobiles. An electronic technique has been developed to determine the adulteration in diesel by kerosene, in which the light is passed in an optical fiber, the cladding of which is removed over a small area, where(More)
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