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Communication between a sender and receiver needs security. It can be done in any form, like plain text or binary data. Changing the information to some unidentifiable form, can save it from assailants. For example, plain text can be coded using schemes so that a stranger cannot apprehend it. Cryptography is a subject or field which deals with the secret(More)
— World Wide Web offer a rich mix of new challenges and opportunities to information computing researchers. The conventional search engine always returns a set of web pages in answer to a user query. Millions of web pages from organizations, institutions and personnel are made public electronically. With the web explosion and never ending raise of digital(More)
—In this paper we have proposed a new testability assessment model for object oriented software based on existing software testability models. The model is based on those six important internal programming features of object oriented design and six external quality factors which are not used before together at the same time in-spite of being highlighted in(More)
The data structures used in concurrent systems need to be modified. Modifications of shared data structures are done in several steps. If these steps are interleaved with modifications from other tasks, this can result in inconsistency of the data structure. Therefore the data structure needs to be protected from other tasks modifying it while the operation(More)