Pushkar Hingwe

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This report presents achievements of the MOU 313. “Lateral Control of Heavy Duty Vehicles for Automated Highway Systems” in the year 1998-1999. The goal of the project is to demonstrate lane following by automatic steering for tractor semi-trailer vehicles. Towards this goal, a class eight truck and a 45 feet long trailer were instrumented. The hardware(More)
Lateral Control in AHS Pushkar Hingwe Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California, Berkeley, CA pushkar@mechatro2.me.berkeley.edu Masayoshi Tomizuka Department of Mechanical Engineering University of California, Berkeley, CA tomizuka@mechatro2.me.berkeley.edu Abstract This paper presents design and experimental evaluation of a vehicle(More)
A variable look-ahead controller for the lateral guidance of vehicles for Automated Highway Systems is proposed. The control objective is to make the lateral error at a certain point ahead of the vehicle zero. The distance of this point from the vehicle is called the look-ahead distance. An input-output linearization controller to achieve this objective is(More)
Three results pertaining to lateral control of heavy duty vehicles on Automated Highway System are presented. First, a time domain, frequency domain and pole/zero analysis of the linearized model for lateral control of tractor-trailer vehicles is presented. The steering response subject to variation of speed, road adhesion and look-ahead distance is(More)
The track misregistration (TMR) requirement for hard disk drives (HDDs) has become more demanding to keep pace with increase in recording density. It is no longer sufficient to make design decisions for actuator, servo, power amplifier and formatting efficiencies in isolation. Inclusion of these factors into servo performance criteria makes the servo(More)
A microactuator that moves the slider of a hard disk drive (HDD) was fabricated using MEMS techniques. A suspension-mounted PZT milliactuator was also manufactured. Both actuators were assembled and tested in 10,000 RPM server-class HDDs. The MEMS microactuator has a resonance at 2.2 kHz that can be controlled by feedback, and has virtually no other modes(More)
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