Pushkar D. Paranjpe

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In some situations, animals seem to ignore stimuli which in other contexts elicit a robust response. This attenuation in behavior, which enables animals to ignore a familiar, unreinforced stimulus, is called habituation. Despite the ubiquity of this phenomenon, it is generally poorly understood in terms of the underlying neural circuitry. Hungry fruit flies(More)
GABAergic inhibition of leg motoneurons is required for 1 normal walking behavior in freely moving Drosophila 2 Swetha B.M. Gowda 1,2 , Pushkar D. Paranjpe 1 , O. Venkateswara 3 Reddy 1 ,Sudhir Palliyil 1 , Heinrich Reichert 3 , K. VijayRaghavan 1 4 5 1 National Centre for Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental 6 Research, Bangalore 560 065,(More)
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