Purvesh Shah

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The Cyc project is predicated on the idea that effective machine learning depends on having a core of knowledge that provides a context for novel learned information – what is known informally as " common sense. " Over the last twenty years, a sufficient core of common sense knowledge has been entered into Cyc to allow it to begin effectively and flexibly(More)
Populating the Cyc Knowledge Base (KB) has been a manual process until very recently. However, there is currently enough knowledge in Cyc for it to be feasible to attempt to acquire additional knowledge autonomously. This paper describes a system that can collect and validate formally represented, fully-integrated knowledge from the Web or any other(More)
We describe an approach to extracting and tracking events in which measurable quantities such as economic indicators undergo a change. The causes and consequences of oil price fluctuations are an example of such events, and are tracked in the STT (Situation Tracking Testbed) prototype. We propose a representation of these event types in the logical(More)
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