Purva Shrivastava

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—The performance of wireless communication systems is predominantly dependent on propagation environment and respective radiating antennas. Due to the shorter wavelength at Millimeter Wave (MmW) frequencies, the propagation loss through surroundings in indoor environments is typically very high. To improve the channel capacity and to reduce inter-user(More)
New design of a microstrip patch antenna with Twin Eleven shaped slot is presented that achieves a minimum impedance bandwidth of 37.931%. The Twin Eleven shaped slot increases the bandwidth and reduces the complication of design to a very high extent while compared to other slot geometries due to the similarity in the shape of slots that are made on the(More)
The family of tapered slot antennas (TSA), has good electrical performance including gain, relatively low side lobes, a circular symmetric main beam and practically constant impedance over a broad frequency band. Fabrication on thin, flexible substrates allows the TSA to be conformed over a given body, such as an aircraft wing or a piece of clothing for(More)
A microstrip-fed great arc shaped dipole antenna is proposed and designed for ultrawideband communications. The antenna has large bandwidth covering the frequency band from 3.8 to 9.4 GHz. With simple and proper modification of the radiation patches, a frequency notched performance is obtained at the frequencies 5.8 and 7.5GHz. This paper aims at the(More)
Based on luminescence, the photoluminescent thermometer can in principle function in electromagnetic field coupling and perturbation. Several prototypal probes that have been constructed and tested demonstrate the feasibility of the concept. Temperature resolution of approximately 0.3 degrees C has thus far been achieved. The probes are needle-shaped,(More)
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