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Due to the cost-efficient communicating manner and attractive user experience, messenger applications have dominated every smartphone in recent years. Nowadays, Address Book Matching, a new feature that helps people keep in touch with real world contacts, has been loaded in many popular messenger applications, which unfortunately as well brings severe(More)
Control Flow Integrity (CFI) is an effective technique to mitigate threats such as code-injection and code-reuse attacks in programs by protecting indirect transfers. For stripped binaries, a CFI policy has to be made conservatively due to the lack of source code level semantics. Existing binary-only CFI solutions such as BinCFI and CCFIR demonstrate the(More)
Nowadays, the popular Android is so closely involved in people's daily lives that people rely on Android to perform critical operations and trust Android with sensitive information. It is of great importance to guarantee the usability and security of Android which, however, is such a huge system that a potential threat may arise from any part of it. In this(More)