Purnima Mehta

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PURPOSE To describe a new technique for deep lateral (single) wall orbital decompression surgery, developed by Mr. Geoffrey Rose, for proptosis in patients with thyroid-associated orbitopathy and to analyse the results achieved in our series. METHODS The study is an interventional, retrospective, non-comparative case series. Twenty-one eyes of seventeen(More)
PURPOSE Atypical fibroxanthoma (AFX) is an uncommon skin tumour occurring primarily in the head and neck. It has rarely been reported in the periocular region. We report a rare case of atypical fibroxanthoma of the medial canthus. METHODS Clinical and histological findings and management of this case are presented. RESULTS A 90-year-old Caucasian female(More)
PURPOSE Intracanalicular plugs are commonly used in the management of dry eyes. The authors report 3 cases of complications associated with intracanalicular plugs. METHODS Clinical findings and the management of these patients are presented. RESULTS The first patient (case 1) is a 47-year-old female with severe dry eyes. Six months after insertion of(More)
PURPOSE Ocular associations with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) are very rare which include granulomatous uveitis, mulitfocal choroiditis and retinal vasculitis. However there have been no reports of orbital involvement, either inflammatory or neoplastic in association with CVID. We describe a unique case of a patient with CVID who developed(More)
The authors report a rare case of a male patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer following investigations for proptosis secondary to extraocular muscle enlargement. A 65-year-old man presented with complaints of double vision and proptosis. CT scan of the orbits showed bilateral superior rectus muscle enlargement. On further investigation, the patient(More)
PURPOSE To report two cases of orbital carcinoid metastasis (OCM) with diverse presentations and the role of Indium-Octreotide scan in management of these patients. METHODS Clinical, histological and radiological findings and management of the two patients are described. Results are presented. CONCLUSIONS We wish to highlight the diversity of(More)
Migration of dermal filler is a rare complication in the periocular area. We describe a case that highlights the diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas posed. A patient presented with a bluish swelling involving the left brow, temple, and glabella. It was ill-defined, mobile, and nontender. An MRI suggested a vascular malformation, while an ultrasound(More)
PurposeExtraocular muscle enlargement (EOME) is most commonly associated with thyroid eye disease, but there are other causes. We report our outcomes of investigating and managing non-thyroid-related EOME (NTR-EOME).MethodsRetrospective consecutive case series. Sixteen patients identified by clinical features and orbital imaging. Patient demographics,(More)
PURPOSE To describe the clinical findings in a patient who had developed choroidal melanoma and was incidentally found to have meningioma of the optic nerve in the same side. METHODS Clinical and histopathological findings of the case are reviewed and presented. RESULTS The patient had a choroidal melanoma of the left eye for which she had initially(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis and treatment of unilateral vocal fold palsy is a common part of otolaryngology practice. In those patients in whom resolution of symptoms is slow, the resulting dysphonia can have a dramatic effect on the patient's quality of voice and life. We have previously described the procedure of direct phonoplasty under local anaesthesia(More)