Purna Ramesh

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This paper presents the architecture and VHDL design of a Two Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (2D-DCT) with Quantization and zigzag arrangement. This architecture is used as the core and path in JPEG image compression hardware. The 2DDCT calculation is made using the 2DDCT Separability property, such that the whole architecture is divided into two(More)
A ‘smart tissue interface’ is a host tissue-biomaterial interface capable of triggering favourable biochemical events inspired by stimuli responsive mechanisms. In other words, biomaterial surface is instrumental in dictating the interface functionality. This review aims to investigate the fundamental and favourable requirements of a ‘smart tissue(More)
Flexible ac Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices are used to control power flow in the transmission grid to relieve congestion and limit loop flows. High cost and reliability concerns have limited the widespread deployment of FACTS solutions. The present paper describes the steady-state response and control of power in Transmission line equipped with FACTS(More)
The design approach of FFT algorithm for floating point numbers is investigated in this paper. Using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) can be implement very fast. The FFT can be design by radix-2 butterfly algorithm using Decimatiom in Time (DIT) or Decimation in Frequency (DIF) methods . Using IEEE-754 Single precision(More)
--The present paper describes the modeling of Distributed Power Flow Controllers (DPFC) for studying the steady-state response and behavior of Transmission networks equipped with FACTS devices. Detailed simulations are carried out on twomachine systems to illustrate the control features of these devices and their influence to increase power transfer(More)
This paper proposes a flexible D-STATCOM (Distribution Static Compensator) and its new controller system, that be able to mitigate all types of faults (LG, DLG, LL, 3-PHASE and 3-PHASE TO GROUND), and improve the distribution system performance. This paper validates the performance of D-STATCOM system to mitigate the power quality problems such as voltage(More)
This paper presents a frame work for hardware acceleration for post video processing system implemented on FPGA. The deblocking filter algorithms ported on SOC having Altera NIOS-II soft core processor.SOC designed with the help of SOPC builder .Custom instructions are chosen by identifying the most frequently used tasks in the algorithm and the instruction(More)
The Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a parallel transmission scheme. It has attained the high data rate by splitting the data stream into a number of lowrate sub-carriers (SC) instead of utilizing one carrier at a high rate. OFDM have been around 1960s.This technique is mainly used in digital audio/video broadcast (DAB/DVB), wireless LAN(More)
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