Purificación Sáiz

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The computing models of the LHC experiments are gradually moving from hierarchical data models with centrally managed data pre-placement towards federated storage which provides seamless access to data files independently of their location and dramatically improve recovery due to fail-over mechanisms. Construction of the data federations and understanding(More)
Recent widespread deployment of different types of sensors and detectors has opened the door to a new way of understanding collaborative applications. The use of such devices allows information to be collected, used and disclosed on a massive scale and under very different conditions from which we are currently familiar with. Despite the huge potential of(More)
In this article we describe a commercial service that will use distributed resources, such as storage or bandwidth, in a cooperative effort. We name this service "durable storage". This service is able to guarantee the existence of the data it contains in "any circumstance" at "any time". Although the solution is based on a P2P paradigm, we use a(More)
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