Puren R. Ouyang

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One of the most important tasks in robotic applications is trajectory tracking. For such applications it is inherently important that the system obtains a high tracking performance. A widespread control method for trajectory tracking is PD control, which is well-known for its ease of implementation and acceptable tracking performance. However, for tasks(More)
In this paper, a novel evolutionary PD (EPD) control to improve the tracking performance is proposed and applied to the trajectory tracking of a closed-loop robot manipulator. The EPD control can incorporate the dynamic information of manipulator in a very plain way without requiring the knowledge of the robot dynamics, and it is simple and effective for(More)
In this paper, a new adaptive switching learning control approach, called adaptive switching learning PD control (ASL-PD), is proposed for trajectory tracking of robot manipulators in an iterative operation mode. The ASL-PD control method is a combination of the feedback PD control law with a gain switching technique and the feedforward learning control law(More)
The development of an automated bio-micromanipulation system provides high manipulation rates with optimal reproducibility and makes quantitative bio-micromanipulation possible. Visual-servo control is necessary for realizing automated bio-micromanipulation and increasing accuracy of micromanipulator. We have developed a dual-hand bio-micromanipulation(More)
A hybrid-driven machine is such a machine where its drive system combines the servomotor and the constant velocity motor, and the machine has the advantage of application flexibility and low cost. In practical application, accurate trajectory control of this machine is essential. To achieve excellent tracking performance, two control approaches, the(More)
Contour error reduction for modern machining processes is an important concern in multi-axis contour tracking applications in order to ensure the quality of final products. Many control methods were developed in time domain to deal with contour tracking problems, and a proportional–derivative (PD) position domain control (PDC) was also proposed by the(More)