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In this article, parallel implementation of a real-time intelligent video surveillance system on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is described. The system is based on background subtraction and composed of motion detection, camera sabotage detection (moved camera, out-of-focus camera and covered camera detection), abandoned object detection, and(More)
Robots operating in household environments need to interact with food containers of different types. Whether a container is filled with milk, juice, yogurt or coffee may affect the way robots grasp and manipulate the container. In this paper, we concentrate on the problem of identifying what kind of content is in a container based on tactile and/or visual(More)
Anomaly detection from crowd videos is an issue that is becoming more important due to the difficulties in maintaining the public security in crowded places. Surveillance videos has a significant role for enabling the real time analysis of the captured events occurring in crowded places. This paper presents a method that detects anomalies in crowd in(More)
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