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Low-Overhead and High-Precision Prediction Model for Content-Based Sensor Search in the Internet of Things
A growing number of Internet-connected sensors have already promoted the advance of sensor search service. Accessing all available objects to find the sought sensor results in huge communicationExpand
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High-Accuracy Entity State Prediction Method Based on Deep Belief Network Toward IoT Search
The state of physical entity in the Internet of Things (IoT) has an obvious time-varying characteristic. Preliminarily selecting candidate entities by predicting their current state when searchingExpand
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Node Service Ability Aware Packet Forwarding Mechanism in Intermittently Connected Wireless Networks
Intermittently connected wireless networks (ICWNs) have been studied in recent years to solve the disruption problem in mobile ad hoc networks and improve the utilization of temporary links raised byExpand
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Matching State Estimation Scheme for Content-Based Sensor Search in the Web of Things
More recently, an increasing number of object-attached sensors are publishing their real-time state on the Internet by using state-of-the-art Web technologies, which make the sensor search serviceExpand
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Improving Quality of Data: IoT Data Aggregation Using Device to Device Communications
With the widespread adaptation of the Internet of things (IoT), we are already witnessing a deluge of IoT data analytics applications. IoT data analytics can be defined as a process to control andExpand
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Overlapping Community Deep Exploring-Based Relay Selection Method Toward Multi-Hop D2D Communication
Cellular D2D networks consist of numerous D2D user equipments (UEs) carried by human beings with multiple social attributes, which accordingly connotes an overlapping community (OC) structure.Expand
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Cooperative Willingness Aware Collaborative Caching Mechanism Towards Cellular D2D Communication
In D2D communication, physically adjacent users can directly establish connections without transmitting through base station, which can improve the network performance. The cellular D2D cachingExpand
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Channel Characteristic Aware Privacy Protection Mechanism in WBAN
Advances of information and communication technologies in medical areas have led to the emergence of wireless body area network (WBAN). The high accessibility of media in WBAN can easily lead to theExpand
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A Data Delivery Scheme Based on Sink Centrality for Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks
Delay Tolerant Mobile Sensor Networks (DTMSN) own some unique characteristics which distinguishes itself from conventional sensor networks, such as sensor mobility, loose connectivity, and delayExpand
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Intelligent Dynamical Buffer Scheduling Mechanism for Intermittently Connected Mobile Network
According to the store-carry-forward packet transmission method, nodes can communicate with each other in intermittently connected mobile network flexibly. As can be seen, the successful transmissionExpand
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