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Topical drug application has been introduced since long time to achieve several purposes on different levels (skin surface, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis). However, several problems have been reported with the conventional topical preparations e.g. low uptake due to the barrier function of the stratum corneum and absorption to the systemic circulation.(More)
t— Clustering high dimensional data is the cluster analysis of data with anywhere from a few dozen to many thousands of dimensions. Multiple dimensions are hard to think in, impossible to visualize, and, due to the exponential growth of the number of possible values with each dimension, impossible to enumerate. Hence to improve the efficiency and accuracy(More)
Document clustering is considered to be the essential process in grouping the unsupervised documents for effectual applications in text mining and information retrieval. Recently, many research works has been developed for text document clustering. However, performance of clustering the text document is not effective. In order to overcome such limitation, a(More)
Visual methods have been extensively studied and performed in cluster data analysis. Given a pairwise dissimilarity matrix D of a set of n objects, visual methods such as Enhanced-Visual Assessment Tendency (E-VAT) algorithm generally represent D as an n × n image I(D) where the objects are reordered to expose the hidden cluster structure as dark blocks(More)
Due to the popularity of internet and increase in number of web user’s, e-commerce store is an important way to improve business. The most important aspect of e-commerce is to provide the customers with appropriate information or services based on the knowledge about the customers’ profile and preferences. This saves the time of on-line users for their(More)
This paper addresses the issue of development of a three wheel, four wheels and eight wheel Omni directional mobile robot. The Omni directional wheel is used in this research consists of 8 rollers made from synthetic rubber coated polypropylene rollers. All Omni wheel are independently powered using 3, 4 and 8 units of precision gear DC motors and the(More)
A compact printed slot monopole antenna using multi slotted method is proposed designed and simulated. The proposed multiband antenna covering the GSM, PCS, WLAN ISM band, satellite DMB and WIMAX Bands. The designed antenna dimensions 25*25*0.5 mm.The simulated return loss gain, directivity and radiation patterns of the multi slotted patch antenna(More)