Puneet Prakash

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Heterogeneous distributed computing systems often must operate in an environment where system parameters are subject to uncertainty. Robustness can be defined as the degree to which a system can function correctly in the presence of parameter values different from those assumed. We present a methodology for quantifying the robustness of resource allocations(More)
CECT scan is considered essential for selective non-operative management (SNOM) of patients with abdominal trauma. However, CECT has its own hazards and limitations. We evaluated the safety and efficacy of selective non-operative management of patients with abdominal trauma without the mandatory use of CECT scan in a prospective study. Patients with(More)
This study examines the recent, significant growth in the appointment of CROs, the role of the CRO, and whether such appointments benefit shareholders. We find that the market is more likely to react positively to an appointment of a CRO the weaker a firm’s corporate governance. In particular, lower the proportion of outside directors the greater is the(More)
“Noise” in Ratings: Not Entirely Random I investigate the informational accuracy as opposed to informational content of credit ratings over time. The study presents an empirical analysis of the classification errors. Results suggest that greater the credit risk in the economy, the higher is the error rate. Of all binary classifications tested,(More)
Refinancing pressure may entice a very specific form of managerial misbehavior on the part of borrowers. Borrowers utilizing a greater amount of short term debt in one period may feel pressure to make their firms look as attractive as possible leading into the next period when refinancing may take place. In other words, potential refinancing pressure may(More)
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