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The Shopping Basket: A Model for Multicategory Purchase Incidence Decisions
Consumers make multicategory decisions in a variety of contexts such as choice of multiple categories during a shopping trip or mail-order purchasing. The choice of one category may affect theExpand
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Temporal Differences in the Role of Marketing Communication in New Product Categories
The authors investigate the changing role of marketing communication over the life cycle of a new product category. They postulate two effects of marketing communication on consumers' choices: anExpand
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The Effect of Banner Advertising on Internet Purchasing
This article focuses on whether banner advertising affects purchasing patterns on the Internet. Using a behavioral database that consists of customer purchases at a Web site along with individualExpand
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Asymmetric Social Interactions in Physician Prescription Behavior: The Role of Opinion Leaders
The authors quantify the impact of social interactions and peer effects in the context of physicians’ prescription choices. Using detailed individual-level prescription data, along with self-reportedExpand
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An Empirical Model of Advertising Dynamics
This paper develops a model of dynamic advertising competition, and applies it to the problem of optimal advertising scheduling through time. In many industries we observe advertising “pulsing”,Expand
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The Dynamic Effect of Innovation on Market Structure
Product innovation is endemic among consumer packaged goods firms and is an integral component of their marketing strategy. As innovations affect markets, there is a pressing need to develop marketExpand
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Marketing Activity, Blogging and Sales
The recent growth of consumer-generated media (CGM), also known as “new” media, has changed the nature of interaction between consumers and firms from unidirectional to bidirectional. However, CGMExpand
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Response Modeling with Nonrandom Marketing-Mix Variables
We develop an approach that jointly models the distribution of both sales response and marketing-mix variables. Expand
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Gamification and Mobile Marketing Effectiveness
A variety of business sectors have been buffeted by the diffusion of mobile technology, a trend that presents a variety of difficult challenges but interesting opportunities to marketers. Expand
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The Role of Targeted Communication and Contagion in Product Adoption
The two main influences leading to adoption at the individual consumer level are marketing communication and interpersonal communication. Expand
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