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Collaborative Filtering (CF) technique has proven to be promising for implementing large scale recom-mender systems but its success depends mainly on locating similar neighbors. Due to data sparsity of the user–item rating matrix, the process of finding similar neighbors does not often succeed. In addition to this, it also suffers from the new user (cold(More)
Multimodal Biometrics is the usage of multiple biometric indicators by personal identification systems for identifying individuals. It is applied to secure and authenticate the biometric data, enhance accuracy of recognition and reduce bandwidth. This paper presents a robust multimodal biometric image watermarking scheme using Particle Swarm Optimization(More)
Fingerprints are the oldest and most widely used form of biometric identification. Everyone is known to have unique, immutable fingerprints. As most Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems are based on local ridge features known as minutiae, marking minutiae accurately and rejecting false ones is very important. However, fingerprint images get degraded(More)
We rely on the information from our trustworthy acquaintances to help us take even trivial decisions in our lives. Recommender Systems use the opinions of members of a community to help individuals in that community identify the information most likely to be interesting to them or relevant to their needs. These systems use the similarity between the user(More)