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This paper proposes the design of a recommender system that uses knowledge stored in the form of ontologies. The interactions amongst the peer agents for generating recommendations are based on the trust network that exists between them. Recommendations about a product given by peer agents are in the form of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets specified using degree(More)
Fingerprints are the oldest and most widely used form of biometric identification. Everyone is known to have unique, immutable fingerprints. As most Automatic Fingerprint Recognition Systems are based on local ridge features known as minutiae, marking minutiae accurately and rejecting false ones is very important. However, fingerprint images get degraded(More)
Collaborative Filtering (CF) technique has proven to be promising for implementing large scale recom-mender systems but its success depends mainly on locating similar neighbors. Due to data sparsity of the user–item rating matrix, the process of finding similar neighbors does not often succeed. In addition to this, it also suffers from the new user (cold(More)
—Agent mediated e-commerce involves buying and selling on Internet through software agents. The success of an agent mediated e-commerce system lies in the underlying reputation management system which is used to improve the quality of services in e-market environment. A reputation system encourages the honest behaviour of seller agents and discourages the(More)