Pulkit Budhiraja

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Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) allow users to experience virtual reality with a great level of immersion. However, even simple physical tasks like drinking a beverage can be difficult and awkward while in a virtual reality experience. We explore mixed reality renderings that selectively incorporate the physical world into the virtual world for interactions(More)
Typically video projectors display images onto white screens, which can result in a washed out image. <i>Projectibles</i> algorithmically control the display surface color to increase the contrast and resolution. By combining a printed image with projected light, we can create animated, high resolution, high dynamic range visual experiences for video(More)
Interaction with virtual 3D environments comes with a host of challenges. For instance, because 3D objects tend to occlude one another, performing object selection by pointing gestures is problematic, and more so when there are many objects in the scene. In the real world we tend to use speech to clarify our intent, by referring to distinctive attributes of(More)
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