Pulat Tursun

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The fluorescent Mg(2+) indicator furaptra (mag-fura-2) was introduced into single ventricular myocytes by incubation with its acetoxy-methyl ester form. The ratio of furaptra's fluorescence intensity at 382 and 350 nm was used to estimate the apparent cytoplasmic [Mg(2+)] ([Mg(2+)](i)). In Ca(2+)-free extracellular conditions (0.1 mM EGTA) at 25 degrees C,(More)
To study Mg2+ transport across the cell membrane, the cytoplasmic concentration of Mg2+ ([Mg2+](i)) in rat ventricular myocytes was measured with the fluorescent indicator furaptra (mag-fura-2) under Ca2+ -free conditions (0.1 mM EGTA) at 25 degrees C. The fluorescence ratio signal of furaptra was converted to [Mg2+](i) using calibration parameters(More)
Apparent free cytoplasmic concentrations of Mg2+ ([Mg2+]i) and Na+ ([Na+]i) were estimated in rat ventricular myocytes using fluorescent indicators, furaptra (mag-fura-2) for Mg2+ and sodium-binding benzofuran isophthalate for Na+, at 25 degrees C in Ca2+-free conditions. Analysis included corrections for the influence of Na+ on furaptra fluorescence found(More)
Intracellular Mg2+ concentration ([Mg2+]i) was measured in rat ventricular myocytes with the fluorescent indicator furaptra (25 degrees C). After the myocytes were loaded with Mg2+, the initial rate of decrease in [Mg2+]i (initial Delta[Mg2+]i/Deltat) was estimated upon introduction of extracellular Na+, as an index of the rate of Na+-dependent Mg2+ efflux.(More)
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