Pujan Ziaie

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As multicore PCs begin to get the standard, it becomes increasingly important to utilize these resources. Thus we present a multithreaded realtime vision system, which distributes tasks to given resources on a single off-the-shelf multicore PC, applying an optimal-backoff scheduling strategy. Making use of an asynchronous data management mechanism, the(More)
In this paper, a reliable, fast and robust approach for static hand gesture recognition in the domain of a human-robot interaction system is presented. The method is based on computing the likelihood of different existing gesture-types and assigning a probability to every type by using Bayesian inference rules. For this purpose, two classes of geometrical(More)
We present an effective and fast method for static hand gesture recognition. This method is based on classifying the different gestures according to geometric-based invariants which are obtained from image data after segmentation; thus, unlike many other recognition methods , this method is not dependent on skin color. Gestures are extracted from each frame(More)
In rapidly growing global companies, comprehensive training programs as well as in depth sharing of knowledge are essential factors to maintain the quality of human capital despite rapid expansion. Different dimensions of Knowledge management address the need and approach to leverage dispersed knowledge in order to make it visible and accessible for(More)
Zamin artificial life model is designed to be a general purpose environment for researches on evolution of learning methods, living strategies and complex behaviors and is used in several studies thus far. As a main target for Zamin's design has been its expandability and ease of problem definition, a new agent based structure for this artificial world is(More)
Open production communities (OPCs) are online communities in which content is solely generated by users and is publicly available for everyone. By leveraging the manpower and collective intelligence of a vast crowd, these communities facilitate gleaning, structuring, evaluating and sharing information from different perspectives and in different areas of(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to speech recognition using fuzzy modeling. The task begins with conversion of speech spectrogram into a linguistic description based on arbitrary colors and lengths. While phonemes are also described using these fuzzy measures, and recognition is done by normal fuzzy reasoning, a genetic algorithm optimizes phoneme(More)
In the last decade, collaborative open production communities have provided an effective platform for geographically dispersed users to collaborate and generate content in a well-structured and consistent form. Wikipedia is a prominent example in this area. What is of great importance in production communities is the prioritization and evolution of features(More)
As well-known socio-technical systems that aim at accumulating and sharing content by facilitating aligned coordination and collaboration of voluntary participant, online voluntary production communities have been the focus of academic scrutiny in the last decade. Considering their popularity and the increasing theories and models for addressing their(More)