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Alpha-11 Giardin, a protein from the annexin superfamily, is a 35.0 kDa protein from the intestinal protozoan parasite Giardia lamblia which triggers a form of diarrhea called giardiasis. Here, the cloning, expression, purification and the crystallization of alpha-11 giardin under two different conditions and in two different space groups is reported.(More)
Alpha-11 giardin is a member of the multi-gene alpha-giardin family in the intestinal protozoan, Giardia lamblia. This gene family shares an ancestry with the annexin super family, whose common characteristic is calcium-dependent binding to membranes that contain acidic phospholipids. Several alpha giardins are highly expressed during parasite-induced(More)
Alpha-14 giardin (annexin E1), a member of the alpha giardin family of annexins, has been shown to localize to the flagella of the intestinal protozoan parasite Giardia lamblia. Alpha giardins show a common ancestry with the annexins, a family of proteins most of which bind to phospholipids and cellular membranes in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner and are(More)
S100A4 (metastasin) is a member of the S100 family of calcium-binding proteins that is directly involved in tumorigenesis. Until recently, the only structural information available was the solution NMR structure of the inactive calcium-free form of the protein. Here we report the crystal structure of human S100A4 in the active calcium-bound state at 2.03 A(More)
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