Puja Dipak Saraf

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At the Estimation of Image Coders, using PSNR is of undecided perceptual power, but there are numbers of algorithms including temporarily computable decoders. PSNR might not be calculated.With a simple rearrangement of a transmit bit stream, the SPIHT algorithm can be made temporarily computable without any loss in performance. We present experimental(More)
Accurately estimating the code size, cost, effort and schedule is probably the leading vital challenge facing code developers lately. It's major implications for the management of code development as a consequences of every the overestimates and underestimates have direct impact for inflicting damage to code companies. Heap of models square measure(More)
According to new era, the steganography and cryptography are the secret writing techniques are available. Steganography hides the existence of message by embedding data in some other digital media like image or audio format and Cryptography converts data in to cipher text that can be in unreadable format to normal user. This paper focuses on data hiding(More)
Biometrics is a robust approach for identification or verification of person as it identifies person based on physical or behavioral characteristics. Among all characteristics fingerprint is the most popular and widely used biometric modality for identification or verification of person. Performance of the fingerprint verification or identification system(More)
Recent research has focused on the image compression algorithms are lossy compression. However, the general algorithm for certain types of images, resulting in poor image quality is usually implemented using a baseline quantization process, especially in the combination of image content. It's a lot different compression image coding based on Wavelet(More)
This paper addresses the Spectrum sharing technique for Device to Device (D2D) communication which provides efficient communication by allowing the under-utilized spectrum to be shared by other devices and interference management among D2D users. Spectrum sharing is a technique which involves simultaneous usage of a specific radio frequency band by a number(More)
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