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The disability profile of persons with schizophrenia in Singapore and how disability levels vary in patients cared for in the community and in the long-stay wards of a state mental hospital were studied using the Life Skills Profile (LSP). The inter-rater reliability of the LSP assessed by the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC), was lower than in the(More)
The syndrome of water intoxication may occur in psychiatric patients and various hypotheses regarding its aetiology have been postulated. Twenty-seven patients in Woodbridge Hospital were found to have this syndrome. The aim of the study was to describe the clinical and biochemical findings of this group of patients. 70.4% had schizophrenia, 25.9% had(More)
AIM To determine the effectiveness of a peer-led self-management programme for people with schizophrenia in reducing psychotic symptom severity, hospital readmission and psychiatric consultation and in enhancing cognition, empowerment, functioning level, medication adherence, perceived recovery, quality of life and social support. BACKGROUND Several(More)
The Community Psychiatric Nursing Service in Singapore began on 1st November 1988 in recognition of the need for continuous supervision of a group of psychiatric patients following discharge from hospital. The Community Psychiatric Nurse is able to provide mental health nursing care in a community setting. Her multiple roles are described. The various(More)
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