Pui Tung Choi

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Surface registration between cortical surfaces is crucial in medical imaging for performing systematic comparisons between brains. Landmark-matching registration that matches anatomical features, called the sulcal landmarks, is often required to obtain a meaningful 1-1 correspondence between brain surfaces. This is commonly done by parameterizing the(More)
Surface parameterizations have been widely used in computer graphics and geometry processing. In particular, as simply-connected open surfaces are conformally equivalent to the unit disk, it is desirable to compute the disk conformal parameterizations of the surfaces. In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm for the conformal parameterization of a(More)
In recent decades, the use of 3D point clouds has been widespread in computer industry. The development of techniques in analyzing point clouds is increasingly important. In particular, mapping of point clouds has been a challenging problem. In this paper, we develop a discrete analogue of the Teichmüller extremal mappings, which guarantee uniform(More)
Point cloud is the most fundamental representation of 3D geometric objects. Analyzing and processing point cloud surfaces is important in computer graphics and computer vision. However, most of the existing algorithms for surface analysis require connectivity information. Therefore, it is desirable to develop a mesh structure on point clouds. This task can(More)
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