Pui Kwan Ernest Yeung

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Motivated by a recent survey of experimental data [K., we examine data on the Kolmogorov spectrum constant in numerical simulations of isotropic turbulence, using results both from previous studies and from new direct numerical simulations over a range of Reynolds numbers (up to 240 on the Taylor scale) at grid resolutions up to 512 3. It is noted that in(More)
Direct numerical simulations at 256 3 resolution have been carried out to study the response of isotropic turbulence to the concurrent effects of solid-body rotation and numerical forcing at the large scales. Because energy transfer to the smaller scales is weakened by rotation, energy input from forcing gradually builds up at the large scales, causing the(More)
We present a collection of eight data sets from state-of-the-art experiments and numerical simulations on turbulent velocity statistics along particle trajectories obtained in different flows with Reynolds numbers in the range R{lambda}in[120:740]. Lagrangian structure functions from all data sets are found to collapse onto each other on a wide range of(More)
To study the eect of cancelations within long-range interactions on local isotropy a t the small scales (Walee, Phys. Fluids A, 4, 1992), we calculate explicitly the degree of cancelation in distant triadic interactions in the simulations of Yeung & Brasseur (Phys. using the single scale disparity parameter \s" developed by Zhou (Phys. Fluids A, 5, 1993).(More)
Objective. To evaluate the incidence of deep vein thrombosis in hospitalized Chinese medical patients and the impact of DVT prophylaxis. Methods. All cases of confirmed proximal DVT from 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2008 were reviewed retrospectively to determine the presence of risk factors and whether DVT developed: during hospitalization in medical(More)
BACKGROUND Fronto-limbic structural brain abnormalities have been reported in patients with bipolar disorder (BD), but findings in individuals at increased genetic risk of developing BD have been inconsistent. We conducted a study in adolescents and young adults (12-30 years) comparing measures of fronto-limbic cortical and subcortical brain structure(More)
  • Kelly P Gaither, Hank Childs, Karl W Schulz, Cyrus Harrison, William Barth, Diego Donzis +1 other
  • 2015
Figure 1: On the left, a single, connected component of high enstrophy, colored blue. This component is surrounded by hundreds of smaller connected components of high enstrophy. On the right, we render those smaller components as well, in red. The region displayed in these images represents less than one millionth of the simulation's total volume; the 4096(More)
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