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The antiapoptotic Bcl-2 and Bcl-x(L) proteins of mammals are converted into potent proapoptotic factors when they are cleaved by caspases, a family of apoptosis-inducing proteases (E. H.-Y. Cheng, D. G. Kirsch, R. J. Clem, R. Ravi, M. B. Kastan, A. Bedi, K. Ueno, and J. M. Hardwick, Science 278:1966-1968, 1997; R. J. Clem, E. H.-Y. Cheng, C. L. Karp, D. G.(More)
Fibroblast growth factor (FGF) 21 and growth hormone (GH) are metabolic hormones that play important roles in regulating glucose and lipid metabolism. Both hormones are induced in response to fasting and exert their actions on adipocytes to regulate lipolysis. However, the molecular interaction between these two hormones remains unclear. Here we demonstrate(More)
Cdc37 is a molecular chaperone closely associated with the folding of protein kinases. Results from studies using a yeast model system showed that it was also important for activation of the human androgen receptor (AR). Based on results from the yeast model system (Fliss, A. E., Fang, Y., Boschelli, F., and Caplan, A. J. (1997) Mol. Biol. Cell 8,(More)
The three major vaccinia virus (VV) virion proteins (4a, 4b, and 25K) are proteolytically matured from larger precursors (P4a, P4b, and P25K) during virus assembly. Within the precursors, Ala-Gly-X motifs have been noted at the putative processing sites, with cleavage apparently taking place between the Gly and X residues. To identify the sequence and/or(More)
Previous studies have suggested that cleavage of vaccinia virus core protein precursors occurs within the consensus tripeptide motif -A-G decreases X-. As an approach to delineate the sequence and structural features of the precursor polypeptides that are responsible for directing site-specific scission within this element, site-directed mutagenesis(More)
Several VV structural proteins are produced by the removal of amino-terminal peptides from their cognate precursors. In the experiments reported here, directed genetic approaches were used to investigate the possible role of these terminal peptides in protein processing. As a model system, the FLAG epitope-tagged P25K precursor was used to prepare(More)
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