Pudith Sirigrivatanawong

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Finding food sources is essential for survival. Insects detect nutrients with external taste receptor neurons. Drosophila possesses multiple taste organs that are distributed throughout its body. However, the role of different taste organs in feeding remains poorly understood. By blocking subsets of sweet taste receptor neurons, we show that receptor(More)
Machine vision systems have been widely used for image analysis, especially that which is beyond human ability. In biology, studies of behavior help scientists to understand the relationship between sensory stimuli and animal responses. This typically requires the analysis and quantification of animal locomotion. In our work, we focus on the analysis of the(More)
Water monitoring is important in many fields, such as understanding the mechanism of water circulation of the earth ecological system, estimation of water pollutant, and effect of bridge construction on river. To monitor water resource with high accuracy and to reduce monitoring time and costs, this paper shows a new concept of mobile monitoring sensors,(More)
Lake monitoring sensors are important for maintaining the safe environment around the lake. Those sensors float on a lake and have to carry their own battery. However, the limited battery life in sensors is a critical problem, because it affects the operation time of the system. In this paper, we address the lake monitoring sensors distribution under water(More)
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