Puckpring Thaveesangpanich

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PURPOSE To determine if the in vitro 10-day pH-cycling model used for permanent teeth could be utilized to evaluate de/remineralization effects, on the enamel of primary teeth, of child formula toothpastes. METHODS Sound extracted primary anterior teeth were coated with nail varnish, leaving a 1 mm-wide window prior to being placed in a demineralizing(More)
AIMS/OBJECTIVES To compare, using two pH-cycling models, the de/remineralisation effects of children's toothpastes on primary teeth. DESIGN In vitro single-section and pH-cycling models. METHODS Primary teeth were placed in demineralising solution for 96 hours to produce artificial carious lesions 60-100 microm deep. They were cut into 100 microm thick(More)
AIMS To evaluate and compare the efficacy of pea and half-pea portions of child formula fluoride (500 ppm) toothpaste on artificially created enamel lesions in primary teeth. METHODS Sound primary incisors were painted with nail varnish, leaving a 1 mm wide window and then placed in a demineralising solution for 96 h to produce artificial carious lesions(More)
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