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To delineate the modulatory effects of induced positive affect on cognitive control, the current study investigated whether positive affect increases the ability to suppress a reflexive saccade in the antisaccade task. Results of the antisaccade task showed that participants made fewer erroneous prosaccades in the condition in which a positive mood was(More)
<b>Motivation/Research approach</b> -- An exploratory study was conducted to investigate whether eye movement metrics discriminate between different air traffic control tasks. <b>Findings/Design</b> -- The results show the three tasks elicit different eye movement, as Yarbus (1967) also showed in static pictures, and that a number of eye tracking metrics(More)
Future air traffic is expected to grow increasingly, opening up a gap for task dependent automation and adaptive interfaces, helping the Air Traffic Controller to cope with fluctuating workloads. One of the challenging factors in the application of such intelligent systems concerns the question what the operator is doing in order to optimize support and(More)
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