Puchakayala Muralidhar Reddy

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Six closely related N2-fixing bacterial strains were isolated from surface-sterilized roots and stems of four different rice varieties. The strains were identified as Serratia marcescens by 16S rRNA gene analysis. One strain, IRBG500, chosen for further analysis showed acetylene reduction activity (ARA) only when inoculated into media containing low levels(More)
BACKGROUND Mass spectrometry (MS) is a suitable technology for microorganism identification and characterization. CONTENT This review summarizes the MS-based methods currently used for the analyses of pathogens. Direct analysis of whole pathogenic microbial cells using MS without sample fractionation reveals specific biomarkers for taxonomy and provides(More)
A novel family of tetraaza macrocyclic Cu(II) complexes [CuLX(2)] (where L = N(4) donor macrocyclic ligands) and (X = Cl(-), NO(3) (-)) have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analysis, magnetic moments, IR, EPR, mass, electronic spectra and thermal studies. The magnetic moments and electronic spectral studies suggest square planar geometry for(More)
Duck farming is on the raise in the current scenario, but processed products from duck meat are still uncommon to find. Investigating the duck meat qualities during storage will provide information to enhance duck meat utilization. Development of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook duck meat products is expected to increase and improve non-chicken meat-based(More)
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