Pubudu Madhawa Silva

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With the ever increasing availability of the Internet and electronic media rich in graphical and pictorial information – for communication, commerce, entertainment, art, education – it has been hard for the visually impaired community to keep up. We propose a non-invasive system that can be used to convey graphical and pictorial information via touch and(More)
Common controls for photographic editing can be difficult to use and have a significant learning curve. Often, a user does not know a direct mapping from a high-level concept (such as " soft ") to the available parameters or controls. In addition, many concepts are subjective in nature, and the appropriate mapping may vary from user to user. To overcome(More)
In previous work, we have proposed a dynamic, interactive system for conveying visual information via hearing and touch. The system is implemented with a touch screen that allows the user to interrogate a two-dimensional (2-D) object layout by active finger scanning while listening to spatialized auditory feedback. Sound is used as the primary source of(More)
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