Puay Kee Koh

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The study set out to examine Quality of Life (QoL), specifically subjective well being in three different addiction populations (260 alcohol-dependent, 282 drug-dependent, and 132 pathological gambling outpatients) at their first visit to treatment, using the Personal Well being Index (PWI). The mean PWI score for all patients was significantly below (i.e.,(More)
Suicidality is more commonly reported among individuals with addictions relative to the general population, though data from Asian countries remain scarce. The medical records of 2187 Singaporean patients with drug (n=879), alcohol (n=754) or gambling (n=554) disorders entering an outpatient treatment service were examined to explore differences in suicidal(More)
OBJECTIVES The efficacy of psychological approaches for the treatment of pathological gambling has been established in rigorous, tightly-controlled trials and limited to Western populations. To address the dearth of research on Asian pathological gamblers, we examined outcomes after 3 months of treatment for 389 pathological gamblers in Singapore. METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION AND AIMS Evidence of treatment effectiveness for alcohol use disorders (AUD) have emerged predominantly from Western studies, using highly controlled trials that may not reflect real-world settings. This paper examines treatment outcome and its predictors among Asian problem drinkers participating in a treatment outcome monitoring program at an(More)
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