Pu Shi

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Lithium-ion battery is a kind of advanced sources and is a quite complex and nonlinear system comprised of interacting physical and chemical processes. Its state-of-charge (SOC)/ battery residual capacity (BRC), which is parameters to describe how much energy battery has, is key factors in applications; its estimations is an important and challenging task.(More)
This research includes two parts: (1) background image generation for vehicle detection, (2) vehicle 3-dimensional (3D) shape recovery and vehicle tracking. In the first part, "background subtraction" approach is used to detect vehicles in the images. The problem of background image generation is modeled as a mixture of Gaussian distributions and our goal(More)
Traditional APF-based mobile robot path planning approaches posses an inherent problem which is the formation of local minimum that probably prevent robot from arriving at the target. In view of those considerations, an improved potential field function is proposed to settle this problem. The new method includes an improved attractive potential function and(More)
Edge detection is arguably the most important operation in low level computer vision. Mean shift is an effective iterative algorithm widely used in edge detection. But the cost of computation prohibits Mean shift algorithm for high dimensions feature space. In this paper, a fast adaptive mean shift algorithm is proposed for edge detection. It makes use of(More)
We study the problem of anonymizing data with quasi-sensitive attributes. Quasi-sensitive attributes are not sensitive by themselves, but certain values or their combinations may be linked to external knowledge to reveal indirect sensitive information of an individual. We formalize the notion of <i>l-diversity</i> and <i>t-closeness</i> for quasi-sensitive(More)
Detailed analysis is given to kinematics of a humanoid robot manipulator. Forward and inverse kinematics of the robot manipulator is performed through Denevit and Hartenberg method. Geometry transformation and square transformation methods are put forward in order to separate joint variables from kinematic equations and kinematics equations are obtained,(More)
A new fast and easy to implement tracing algorithm is presented for querying the intersection points of two convex polygons. We trace two edges to find the intersection points always along the boundaries of the union and intersection of P and Q respectively, which is different from O'Rourke's method that traces two edges always along P and Q respectively;(More)
When the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is popular in unknown environment, accurate estimation of SOC (state of charge) is becoming one of the primary challenges in autonomous mobile robots research. However, as defects of the extended Kalman filter (EKF) in nonlinear estimation, there exists estimated error, which affects the estimation accuracy, when it is(More)
This paper presents the performances evaluation of different wavelet transform under broken rotor bars fault diagnosis. In this report, stator phase current was used for wavelet analysis. Discrete wavelet transform (DWT) coefficients of stator current in a specific frequency band are derived and analyzed. Wavelets db8, db9, db10, sym7 and sym8 are employed(More)