Pu Shi

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Artemisinin is an effective component of drugs against malaria. The regulation of artemisinin biosynthesis is at the forefront of artemisinin research. Previous studies showed that AaWRKY1 can regulate the expression of ADS, which is the first key enzyme in artemisinin biosynthetic pathway. In this study, AaWRKY1 was cloned, and it activated ADSpro and(More)
Artemisinin is a frequently used anti-malaria drug extracted from glandular trichomes (GSTs) in Artemisia annua L. In this study, we report on the characterization of the promoter of aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 (ALDH1) involved in the biosynthesis of artemisinin. A 1620-bp promoter fragment was cloned upstream of the ALDH1 start codon. Putative regulatory(More)
Artemisinin, isolated from an annual herbaceous plant Artemisia annua L., is an effective antimalarial compound. However, artemisinin is accumulated in small amounts (0.01–0.1% leaf dry weight) in A. annua, resulting in constant high artemisinin price. Although metabolic engineering of partial artemisinin metabolic pathway in yeast achieved great success,(More)
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