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shows different slopes with an ordinal scale such as flat, As the availability of digital spatial data, other than from remiddle, and steep. Remote sensing images, on the other mote sensing, increases, it becomes increasingly important to hand, record radiance of surface targets with a ratio scale. develop algorithms to handle both remote sensing and other(More)
In monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides, tightly bound excitons have been discovered with a valley pseudospin optically addressable through polarization selection rules. Here, we show that this valley pseudospin is strongly coupled to the exciton centre-of-mass motion through electron-hole exchange. This coupling realizes a massless Dirac cone with(More)
Using airborne multispectral digital camera imagery, we compared a number of feature combination techniques in image classification to distinguish vineyard from non-vineyard land-cover types in northern California. Image processing techniques were applied to raw images to generate feature images including grey level co-occurrence based texture measures, low(More)
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This paper considers energy efficiency of routing protocols in wireless sensor networks. Many routing protocols for sensor network have been proposed, some of them tried to cope with the ad-hoc nature while some others focus on improving the energy efficiency. We propose an Energy Harvesting Aware Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol (AODV-EHA)(More)
Nonlinear optical frequency conversion, in which optical fields interact with a nonlinear medium to produce new field frequencies, is ubiquitous in modern photonic systems. However, the nonlinear electric susceptibilities that give rise to such phenomena are often challenging to tune in a given material and, so far, dynamical control of optical(More)
Texture analysis of remote sensing images based on classification of area units represented in image segments is usually more accurate than operating on an individual pixel basis. In this paper we suggest a two-step procedure to segment texture patterns in remotely sensed data. An image is first classified based on texture analysis using a multi-parameter(More)
This study presents a novel approach for building change detection from digital surface models (DSMs), which are generated from the images acquired by a multi-line digital airborne sensor ADS40. Our approach is based on building extraction, which is one of the most challenging research fields. A scheme is proposed that allows efficient integration of a(More)