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The physical interaction between a lipid vesicle and a silver nanoparticle (AgNP)-human serum albumin (HSA) protein "corona" has been examined. Specifically, the binding of AgNPs and HSA was analyzed by spectrophotometry, and the induced conformational changes of the HSA were inferred from circular dichroism spectroscopy. The fluidity of the vesicle, a(More)
The binding of plasma fibrinogen with both single-walled and multi-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs and MWNTs) has been examined. Specifically, our absorbance study indicated that MWNTs were coated with multi-layers of fibrinogen to render a "hard protein corona," while SWNTs were adsorbed with thin layers of the protein to precipitate out of the aqueous(More)
Experimental studies have shown that many naturally occurring polyphenols have inhibitory effect on the aggregation of several proteins. Here, we use discrete molecular dynamics (DMD) simulations and high-throughput dynamic light scattering (DLS) experiments to study the anti-aggregation effects of two polyphenols, curcumin and resveratrol, on the(More)
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