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Microsurgical transfer of the superficial and deep temporal fascia based on the superficial temporal vessels has been documented. This article analyzes the functional recovery when each layer of this facial flap is placed on either side of reconstructed or repaired tendons, to recreate a gliding environment. This fascial flap also provided a thin, pliable(More)
UNLABELLED Takayasu's arteritis is a rare, chronic progressive panendarteritis involving the aorta and its main branches. Anesthesia for patients with Takayasu's arteritis is complicated by their severe uncontrolled hypertension, end-organ dysfunction resulting from hypertension, stenosis of major blood vessels affecting regional circulation, and(More)
The effect of oral fluids before operation, followed by intramuscular morphine, on gastric volume and pH was examined in 150 elective surgical patients, ASA physical status 1 and 2, who were randomly assigned to one of the three groups of 50 each. Group 1 (control) continued their overnight fast; patients in Groups 2 and 3 received 150 ml water 2 hours(More)
UNLABELLED Laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation may produce adverse hemodynamic effects. Magnesium has direct vasodilating properties on coronary arteries and inhibits catecholamine release, thus attenuating the hemodynamic effects during endotracheal intubation. We studied 36 patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) scheduled for elective coronary(More)
Evaluation of growth hormone therapy in burns is limited and none is reported from developing countries where burns still carry high mortality. We analysed serial observations on the clinical and biochemical profiles in 13 patients with second and third degree burns who received recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) (0.5 IU/kg body wt) for 2 weeks in(More)
A survey was conducted to trace the source of nosocomial fungal infections in the burn care unit of Nehru Hospital, Chandigarh, India, by collection of samples from wounds of 25 severely burnt patients and their surroundings. The environmental sampling revealed predominant fungal contamination by dematiceous hyphomycetes, aspergilli, Penicillium, Fusarium(More)
Unilateral or bilateral raised hemidiaphragms were observed on chest X-ray in three patients with severe tetanus. Diaphragmatic movement was absent on ultrasonography and fluoroscopy. Nerve conduction study confirmed phrenic nerve palsy. Bilateral involvement caused delayed weaning from the ventilator, whereas unilateral involvement was asymptomatic. There(More)
A prospective study was carried out in a burn unit of a tertiary care referral centre in North India. Patients with 20-70% TBSAB were enrolled. Seventy-one patients developed 59 hospital-acquired infections (HAI); the infection density being 36.2 infections per 1000 patient days. Invasive wound infections were the commonest (33), followed by blood stream(More)
OBJECTIVE The administration of midazolam by centroneuraxis route has been shown to produce segmental antinociception. This midazolam analgesia was found to enhance the effects of local anesthetics given in combination epidurally without any adverse effects. The present study was designed to evaluate the post-operative analgesic effect of intrathecal(More)