Przemyslaw Sanecki

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A comparison of elementary (input) and apparent (output) values of the transfer coefficient was carried out for simulated kinetic cyclic voltammetry spectrum from stepwise to concerted mechanism. The resulting patterns of alphaapp versus Ep plots do not provide sufficient information to discriminate between the two mechanisms. It has been demonstrated that(More)
The cyclic voltammetry reduction process of the reaction series of substituted iodobenzenes X-C6H4-I where X = H, p-Cl, p-Br, p-I, p-CH3, m-CF3 was investigated in 0.3 M TBAP in DMF. A numerical model of the process consistent with the ECE mechanism of mono-iodobenzenes reduction and consecutive ECE-ECE reduction of p-diiodobenzene was applied. On the basis(More)
The multistep consecutive ECE-ECE reduction process A(e)-->B(k(f2))-->C(e)-->D(e)-->E(k(f2))-->F(e)-->G has been compared with reduction in multicomponent system A(e)-->B, C(e)-->D, D(e)-->E, F(e)-->G. A simple method of transformation has been devised to disclose the subtle structure of the complex cyclic voltammetry (CV) responses and illustrated by the(More)
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