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Single metastable nanopores, appearing before the actual electroporation under constant-current conditions, are used to characterize the onset of electroporation. Unlike the long-lived electropores typical of the current controlled methods, these pores survive for milliseconds and observing them is possible due to slow development of electroporation,(More)
We develop a model which can be used to analyse the scenario of exploring quantum network with a distracted sense of direction. Using this model we analyse the behaviour of quantum mobile agents operating with non-adaptive and adaptive strategies which can be employed in this scenario. We introduce the notion of node visiting suitable for analysing quantum(More)
We introduce a family of quantum walks on cycles parametrized by their liveliness, defined as the ability to execute a long-range move. We investigate the behavior of the probability distribution and time-averaged probability distribution. We show that the liveliness parameter has a direct impact on the periodicity of the limiting distribution. We also show(More)
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