Przemyslaw Klosiewicz

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SUMMARY The basic building blocks of a classic multigrid algorithm, which are essentially stencil computations, all have a low ratio of executed floating point operations per byte fetched from memory. This important ratio can be identified as the arithmetic intensity. Applications with a low arithmetic intensity are typically bounded by memory traffic and(More)
Motivation: Computational modeling of plant developmental processes is becoming increasingly important. Cellular resolution plant tissue simulators have been developed, yet they are typically describing physiological processes in an isolated way, strongly delimited in space and time. Results: With plant systems biology moving toward an integrative(More)
Changes in shape and size of the leaves are driven by several transient growth parameters. Being able to assess resulting changes at a high temporal and spatial resolution is a necessary tool for studying biochemical principles of leaf development, and for construction of leaf growth models. In this short communication, a technique based on the use of 2D(More)
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