Przemyslaw Blaskiewicz

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The framework of digital signature based on qualified certificates and X.509 architecture is known to have many security risks. Moreover, the fraud prevention mechanism is fragile and does not provide strong guarantees that might be regarded necessary for flow of legal documents. Recently, mediated signatures have been proposed as a mechanism to effectively(More)
Main concerns: keys generated on the card: quality of randomness on a smart card might be insufficient, keys generated by the service provider: key copies out of control of a signer, key leakage by side channel analysis, malicious implementation (e.g. kleptographic leakage of private keys via signatures or public keys). Certification of the product(More)
Numerical computation on GPU has become easily accessible and offers good computation power for relatively little cost. Recently an application of Newton-Rap son method for analyzing power flow in multi-terminal high-voltage direct current (HVDC) networks was proposed and shown to have good results on five terminal grids. Since this method involves costly(More)
In this paper we introduce a new approach for RFID users' privacy protection that is in some sense complementary to well-known blocker tag due to Juels et al. The main idea behind our scheme is to add a special device called allower to a batch of tags in order to make reading RFID-tags possible. When the allower is switched-off reading is not possible. From(More)
In this paper we present methods of protecting RFID tags users' privacy. Based on well-known technique by Juels et al. called Blocker tag we introduce a set of methods for increasing security using a device called Hedgehog blocker. Hedgehog blocker copes with the problem of the additional information gained by the adversary through measuring signal power(More)