Przemyslaw Andrzej Walega

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The systematic modelling of dynamic spatial systems is a key requirement in a wide range of application areas such as commonsense cognitive robotics, computer-aided architecture design, and dynamic geographic information systems. We present Answer Set Programming Modulo Theories (ASPMT)(QS), a novel approach and fully implemented prototype for non-monotonic(More)
In this paper, we describe an approach that enables an autonomous system to infer the semantics of a command (i.e. a symbol sequence representing an action) in terms of the relations between changes in the observations and the action instances. We present a method of how to induce a theory (i.e. a semantic description) of the meaning of a command in terms(More)
In this paper, we present a program designed to successfully and autonomously play Angry Birds, which attempts to embrace motives of human players in their choices of targets they want to shoot at in a game play. The program comprises two modules: the representation module and the reasoning module. In the former, we introduce qualitative space(More)