Przemysław Szklarz

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This paper presents the structural features of ionic complexes formed by morpholine and metal ions which belong to group VA, namely Sb(III) and Bi(III). A series of target inorganic-organic hybrid compounds of the general formula [NH(2)(C(2)H(4))(2)O](2)MX(5) (where M = Sb, Bi; X = Cl, Br) has been synthesized by incorporating the organic component(More)
Flexible organic materials possessing useful electrical properties, such as ferroelectricity, are of crucial importance in the engineering of electronic devices. Up until now, however, only ferroelectric polymers have intrinsically met this flexibility requirement, leaving small-molecule organic ferroelectrics with room for improvement. Since both(More)
Dipyrazolium iodide triiodide, [C3N2H5(+)]2[I(-)·I3(-)], has been synthesized and studied by means of X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, dielectric measurements, and UV-Vis spectroscopy. Two reversible, solid-solid phase transitions (Imma (I) ↔ (II) ↔Pbam (III)) at 254 K and 182/188 K respectively have been revealed. The anionic network(More)
Proton spin-lattice relaxation times T1 at 24.7 MHz and 15 MHz and second moment of NMR line have been applied to study molecular dynamics of a novel ferroelectric (NH4)2H2P2O6 (T(c)=178 K) in the temperature range 10-290 K. Low-temperature T1 behaviour below Tc is interpreted in terms of Haupt's theory and Schrödinger correlation time of tunnelling jumps.(More)
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