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Electrooculography (EOG) gives the possibility of eye tracking using biosignal measurements. Typical EOG signal consists of rapid value changes (saccades) separated by almost constant values. Additionally, the pulse shape from eyelid blinking is observed. The separation of them is possible using numerous methods, like median filtering. The proposed(More)
Electrooculography biosignals (EOG) are very important for the eye orientation and eyelid movements (blinking) estimation. There are many applications of the EOG signals. Most important applications are related to the medical applications [Duchowski (2007)]. The EOG signal is used for the analysis of eye movement in the selected medical test of the eye(More)
Silicon vicinal surfaces can be successfully used as substrates for the preparation of one-dimensional nanostructures. The quality of the structures prepared may be controlled using scanning tunnelling microscopy, as shown in this work. Additionally, it is possible to obtain valuable information using reflection high-energy electron diffraction. A typical(More)
Analysis of cytological images stained with the use of Papanicolaou process is important for women health diagnosis. Computer Aided Diagnosis allows fast detection of atypical cells using analysis of area of cell nuclei and corresponding cytoplasm area. Two techniques based on Nucleus-Cytoplasmic Index (NCI), and Nucleus-Cytoplasmic Relation (NCR) are(More)
Robots are well established in science and technique. They are used in different environments and they have different structures. Typical robot movements are rapid and steepy when the movement direction changes occurs. It is not necessary to replicate a biological nature based solution for most tasks, so such movements are acceptable and simpler to obtain.(More)
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