Przemysław Kluge

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BACKGROUND We encountered on seven malignant hepatocellular tumors developing in older children and adolescents. RESULTS These tumors exhibit an unusual phenotype with respect to clinical(More)
Die QT-Dispersion (QTD) im 12-Kanal-Oberflächen-EKG sowie die QT-Dynamik im Holter-EKG, definiert als Tagesgang des nach Bazett frequenzkorregierten QT-Intervalls (mQTc) und daraus abgeleiteter(More)
QT-dispersion (QTD) in 12-lead surface-ECG and QT-dynamics in Holter-ECG, defined as the time-course of the frequency corrected QT-interval (mQTc), were determined in 42 patients with coronary artery(More)